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Setosi Nekamuto is the name used by the alleged pseudonymous person who developed Betcoin, authored the Betcoin white paper, and created and implemented the original Betcoin reference implementation. As part of the implementation, Nekamuto also came up with the first bluckchain database.

The community is in charge now, no one and nothing can stop setosi.



1. We're running the calls 11.30-1:30 CT today.

2. We're going to start running raids on all platforms an hour before we put the calls into action so people can see we're out there.

3. Once we get to 250k MC the giveaway will be finalised and the full details will be released to you guys.

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Stage 8

Stage 4

4. At 1 milli market cap one NFT collection will be Minted and ready for purchase. There will be another lucky winner for an NFT from the collection at this point.

Stage 6

Stage 5

5. At 2 million I'm going to face reveal. I'll start being the face of our tik tok and Instagram accounts in anyway I can. Maybe even an only fans idk

6. At 2.5 million the exclusive NFT collection 12 bit Setoshi will be released. This one will be a much smaller collection and will be one of our more exclusive collections.

Stage 7

7. 5m MC. Merch drop. Cups, t-shirts, pens and pencils you name it, we're making it. There will be a giveaway here also. Maybe a Setosi flesh light to one of you lucky winners. Let's put love honey outta business boys .

8. 10m MC is when I want to start partnering with the other politifi coins like tremp and Boden. At this point we'd have more than enough clout to become undeniable. I'll find an animator by this time that would be willing to help create some kind of animated series with a full written plot/story. Might even voice one of the characters myself and get some of you guys thatre up for it to hop in as some extras if you like?

Blue cluster of dots in form of city at night, as seen from space.
Blue cluster of dots in form of city at night, as seen from space.
Blue cluster of dots in form of city at night, as seen from space.
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We are in the helvin era

CA: 8AntP7Hxft8Yjr52UQ3RnBHU4njTkDFDho97gE4vRzkt

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